At Southern Twang we specialize in unique items that have been recovered from old barns, old country stores, farmhouses, estate sales, yard sales, the curb and anywhere else that we can legally obtain them!  Some of our items are sold just as we found them while others are transformed into one of a kind decor items .  We are a vintage, homemade, and salvage store that provides our customers with items that turn their homes or businesses into an eclectic masterpiece.    

Southern Twang Decor was made official and given a place to call home in July of 2016.  After years of working out of my home (mostly my living room) the need for a space became undeniable.  You can only be so productive with a 1 year old and a 2 yr old!  I drove past what is now Southern Twang 20 times a day and never thought twice about it until I started praying for a definitive plan or at least one I could understand.  Blessed to say the once florescent green Electronic Sweepstakes building has had a face lift and is now being made into our home!  My motto through this all has been and will remain to be, "As long as I am following Jesus and His map, I won't make a wrong turn"! 

****We have been busy at the weekend sales but now we are focusing on opening our doors...stay tuned!**** 


Southern TWANG

Southern Twang Decor